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Recent Stories

  • Controversy continues over Ohio 'Bathroom Bill' By Eduardo Miranda Strobel / Broadcast version by Farah Siddiqi reporting for the Kent State NewsLab-Ohio News Connection Collaboration. Concerns of transgender Ohioans and advocates have heightened since the passage of the "Bathroom Bill" last month. TransOhio condemned HB 183, which passed as an amendment to an unrelated bill […]
  • Credit limit cuts signal financial woes for some Ohioans In an analysis of 100 cities across the United States, Cincinnati ranks 22nd for decreasing credit limits – not for the city itself, but for its residents. Large drops in the average credit limit can indicate where people are having financial problems. According to Cassandra Happe, […]
  • Ohio Nurses Association declares 'Code Red' hospital staffing crisis By Mara O'Malley / Broadcast version by Farah Siddiqi reporting for the Kent State-Ohio News Connection Collaboration. The Ohio Nurses Association has undertaken a so-called Code Red campaign to call attention to the shortage of nurses in Ohio hospitals, which could lead to a patient care […]
  • Ohio senators back AM radio in new cars, critics warn of costs The "AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act" now in Congress would mandate all new cars in the U.S. be equipped with AM radios, and it's stirring a debate in Ohio. The legislation is supported by 60 bipartisan U.S. …(Read More)
  • Experts say Ohio’s older adults need mental health support By Mara O'Malley for Kent State News Lab.Broadcast version by Farah Siddiqi reporting for the Kent State-Ohio News Connection Collaboration. According to the Ohio Department of Aging's Summary Assessment of Older Adults, deaths by suicide among adults ages 60 and older have increased by 40% in […]
  • Workplace policies begin to evolve after Ohio legalizes cannabis use By Mara O'Malley for Kent State News Lab.Broadcast version by Nadia Ramlagan reporting for the Kent State-Ohio News Connection Collaboration. Though it is now legal for Ohioans to use cannabis, the 2023 passage of Issue 2 does not prevent employers from drug testing job applicants […]
  • Ohio gears up for legal marijuana sales for adult use This week, Ohio approved adult-use marijuana sales as part of a 2023 ballot measure, with sales anticipated to start mid-June. Ohioans age 21 and over can now legally purchase marijuana across the state. In December, a law was enacted allowing people to grow and possess […]
  • Experts: $15 minimum wage would benefit 1 million Ohioans Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour for most Ohio workers and create a refundable Ohio Earned Income Tax Credit. Ohio's minimum wage is $10.45 per hour for most employees, which is higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per […]


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