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– Nelson Mandela

Recent Stories

  • Ohio marks World AIDS Day Today marks the 35th anniversary of World AIDS Day. LGBTQ+ advocates in Cleveland have organized events that include educational seminars, HIV testing and panel discussions to discuss how far they have come in treating the disease and how much still needs to be done. More than 40 million people have […]
  • Ohio sees coverage losses as Medicaid unwinding continues More Ohioans are at risk for losing their health coverage through Medicaid because of procedural errors, according to a recent analysis. Federal rule changes during the COVID-19 public health emergency allowed most people to stay on Medicaid continuously, without re-enrolling. But coverage protection ended at the beginning […]
  • Groups hoping Ohioans are feeling philanthropic on Giving Tuesday On Giving Tuesday tomorrow, donating money isn't the only way to support the groups and causes you care about. The global Giving Tuesday movement promotes "radical generosity," defined as "the concept that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our own suffering." […]
  • Advocates: WIC will have to ration benefits if budget not increased The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children is facing a funding shortfall in Ohio and nationwide, even without the threat of a government shutdown. Advocates said nationally, increased participation in WIC along with food price inflation have eaten away at the […]
  • Concerns about OH 'missing voters' after record high odd election year turnout Nearly 4 million Ohioans voted last week, record turnout for an odd-year election. Experts say more voters may have turned up to cast their ballots on abortion rights or legalizing marijuana, only to find they were no longer registered. According to Innovation Ohio […]
  • Programs help cut OH veteran homeless rate nearly in half Advocates for the homeless in Ohio say effective and well-funded federal programs have helped cut the number of homeless veterans nearly in half over the past decade. Federal agencies with a "housing first approach" have prioritized getting veterans into stable housing quickly without preconditions and […]
  • Proposed rule aims to protect Ohio's retirees The Biden administration has proposed a rule to help people save more in retirement and avoid "junk" fees from unscrupulous financial advisers. According to the White House, a financial adviser may receive a commission as high as 6.5 % to recommend some insurance products, posing a conflict of […]
  • Stalled farm bill will likely affect Ohioans The once-every-five-year Farm Bill will likely be extended to six years this time around, as Congress seems months away from finding a path forward, if not longer. The legislation governs an array of agricultural and food programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which Democrats typically want to […]


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