Video Training Workshop – Next Step Video!

Digital news video is more important than ever. According to Pew Research’s State of the Media, more than 6 in 10 U.S. adults watch videos online – and roughly half of those – 36% of all U.S. adults – watch news videos. This is roughly the same percentage of American who now get news from Facebook or watch cable news regularly.

For that reason, we are determined to prepare more advocates to effectively use digital media to highlight environmental, economic and social justice issues.

What It Is

Next Step: Video! is a video training workshop that trains citizen journalists to shoot, edit and upload videos to the media as well as to use video for internal and organizational communications – to share with social media, stakeholder visits, rallies, events, etc. The video can also be used in collaboration with our partner, Public News Service, an independent state-based news service that reaches 60 million people weekly.

Nuts and Bolts

Each participating organization learns how to produce, edit and upload newsworthy video clips. A critical piece of the video component is the ongoing “virtual” presence of a video editor, to answer questions and see what elements can be used for the advocates’ own purposes or used in news stories.

Professional videographers are available for technical assistance and guidance for a full year after the initial workshop. Participants receive their own HD video camera and accessories (dependent on funding and number of participants attending).

The program was successfully launched with support from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation over two years with 18 participating nonprofit organizations and over 140 videos were produced!

Year 2 Summary

Year 1 Summary

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