Past Projects

MPI has incubated several other media projects, built alliances with strategic partners and the grassroots movement, and used shared “core” messaging to move the American public and policy debate back to foundational democratic principals.

Other ways MPI has helped organizations increase the amount and quality of their media interaction.

  • Provided a media literacy/core message training for 90 activists in New Mexico
  • Piloted Spanish radio reporting in collaboration with PNS
  • Initiated collaboration with Mainstream Media Project* and PNS to identify, train, and book key Spanish-speaking spokespeople with Spanish talk shows. The result was 88 experts identified and 45 interviews booked across the nation.
  • Conducted 8-state media literacy tour of “red” states with noted Nation reporter John Nichols in the days after 9/11 and prior to his co-launch of Free Press with Robert McChesney which helped build early awareness for the Media Reform movement

*Mainstream Media Project was a non-profit public education organization for 17 years that arranged interviews for top policy analysts and social innovators on broadcast media nationwide and internationally.