Investigative and Solutions ReDistribution

“Our partnership with Public News Service broadens the reach of our solutions journalism. It allows us to share a story of one community’s creative innovation to fix a problem with countless other communities facing similar issues. This is especially valuable for our coverage of economic recovery efforts in rural areas, such as Appalachia. Public New Service boosts our impact by broadcasting those stories to often isolated communities where public radio can be a nonpartisan lifeline of ideas and inspiration.”

– Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz, Editorial and Creative Director, YES! Media

With unique access to so-called “flyover states,” Public News Service (PNS), in partnership with MPI, seeks to open its national sharing platform to other content producers, especially investigative and native digital that has a hard time informing audience members in areas without broadband.

Reaching a weekly avg. of 60 million people via 6,000+ mostly rural & legacy media outlets, PNS has existing relationships of trust with thousands of local multi-platform media outlets across political, technical & geographic divides. In fact, PNS was recognized by The Nation magazine as being the Most Valuable Media Intervention of 2017 for this very reason.

We have a track record demonstrating that outlets will use relevant content from other sources, if packaged in ways they can easily use that are high quality, gaining exponentially greater exposure for already-funded investigative work.

 Digital outlets benefit not only in getting their work out to much broader and multi-platform audiences, increasing the impact of their work, but demonstrating greater reach is helpful for their own fundraising efforts.