Public Interest Journalism

Media in the Public Interest (MPI) is the nonprofit affiliate of the Public News Service (PNS), an AP-style news service for public interest news.

Through this partnership, we support nonprofit organizations, investigative news producers, foundations, and others by producing news stories on environmental, economic, health and social justice issues. We target these stories to national, regional or state-level media, depending upon each organization’s strategic focus.

Stories are distributed in ready-to-use radio, print, and digital formats reaching:

  • 6,000 news outlets across the country and,
  • an estimated potential weekly audience of 60 million.

Working with nationally renowned communications professionals and journalists, MPI enhances public debate, promotes civic journalism, and strengthens democracy by amplifying grassroots voices that are often excluded from the public dialogue.

We develop strategies that help journalists and public interest non-profit advocates increase the impact of their work, leading to positive policy outcomes and stronger, more influential progressive leaders.

We have partnered with Investigative and Solutions journalists and news producers and Journalism Schools to support efforts to inform the public on critical issues of the day.

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Media in the Public Interest

Media in the Public Interest

MPI’s work enhances public debate and promotes civic journalism by amplifying the grassroots non-profit voices that often are excluded.