Public Lands/Wilderness Stories

  • WI Wildlife Advocate: Bear Hounding, Baiting Unethical Over the next several weeks, Wisconsin's bear hunters will be training their hounds on free-roaming black bears in preparation for this fall's bear-hunting season. Wisconsin's bear-hounding season goes from mid-September to mid-October, but the bearhound training period starts in July and runs through August. During training and the […]
  • USGS Seeks More Funding for Big-Game Migration Mapping A four-year project to map big-game routes throughout the West will end without additional funds from Congress – at least for now. Since 2018, the United States Geological Survey has mapped wildlife migration corridors using radio collaring of big-game species, such as mule deer, pronghorn and moose. […]
  • Addressing Affordable Worker Housing in Mountain Resort Towns By Sarah Melotte for The Daily Yonder.Broadcast version by Eric Galatas for Colorado News Connection for the Public News Service/Daily Yonder Collaboration Migrants to Pitkin County added a quarter billion dollars to the county's Adjusted Gross Income in 2020. Pitkin's recreation economy is thriving, but what does […]
  • Rivers Month: Calls to Protect Olympic Peninsula's Unique Waterways June is National Rivers Month, and supporters are calling for greater protections of the Olympic Peninsula's rivers and landscapes. The Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in Congress would protect more than 126,000 acres as wilderness and designate 19 rivers and their tributaries […]
  • Western Migration Mapping Efforts Seek Congressional Funding Mapping migration routes is important for conserving species such as pronghorn, so supporters hope Congress will fund mapping efforts. The United States Geological Survey has published two volumes on migration of ungulates, or hoofed mammals, in the western United States. Michael O'Casey, Pacific Northwest field manager for the […]
  • State Lawmakers to Consider Wildlife Crossings Bill Today A bill to prioritize wildlife crossings gets a hearing in the state Senate Transportation Committee today. The Safe Roads and Wildlife Protection Act would require Caltrans and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop a strategic plan to map out where wildlife crossings are necessary […]
  • Volunteers at Work on Lemley Mill, Miner’s Delight Saloon Volunteers have set up camp and are hard at work on the historic Lemley Mill in Wyoming's South Pass Historic Mining District, where the Red Desert meets the Wind River Mountains. They're working to stabilize the building, which still has mining equipment inside. Renee Bovee, program […]
  • NV Stakeholders Finalize Water Protections During National Rivers Month June is National Rivers Month, and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) is getting ready to nominate Lake Tahoe and likely some of the state's mountain streams for special protection. The state has been working for two years to come up with a list of […]