Criminal Justice Stories

  • Alabama bookstore works to break barriers for people in prison An Alabama bookstore is working to make sure people in prison have access to books. The Burdock Book Collective in Birmingham is on a mission to bridge connections and shatter stereotypes within the prison system. Teaming up with the Alabama Books to Prison Project, they […]
  • Medical aid-in-dying bill sees stronger support in NY Legislature Legislation to allow medical aid in dying bill has been introduced in New York State every year since 2015, and its backers say 2024 could be the year it finally passes. The bill would allow terminally ill people with only six months to live to use […]
  • Prison Book Program fosters literacy behind bars in Mississippi A Mississippi-based organization is providing free books to incarcerated individuals to promote literacy and pave the way for prison reform. Prison book programs have been distributing free books to inmates in the United States since the early 1970s. Miranda Vaughn, program assistant for the nonprofit Big […]
  • Heat crisis in FL prisons: Lawmakers urged to add air conditioning Florida lawmakers are being asked to use the winter months to swiftly install air conditioning in prison housing units before the return of scorching summer temperatures. Ricky Dixon, secretary of the Department of Corrections, told a Senate committee 75% of Florida prison housing currently […]
  • Report cites disparities in crime and policing The lifetime likelihood of imprisonment for Black men has changed significantly from one generation to the next, according to The Sentencing Project's latest report. In 1981, one in three Black men was likely to be imprisoned at some point in his life. By 2001, the number decreased to […]
  • Newly legal fentanyl testing strips help fight overdose deaths in MO The rise in deaths involving synthetic opioids or fentanyl have overdose-prevention advocates looking for solutions across the nation. Gov. Mike Parson recently signed a bill legalizing fentanyl test strips with hopes of lessening the death toll. …(Read More)
  • MS second-chance job fairs connect formerly incarcerated with employers Finding a job after prison can be tough, but a program in Mississippi is helping formerly incarcerated people get back on their feet. The Governor's Job Fair Network holds community-based hiring events throughout the state, connecting job seekers with potential employers. Adam Todd with the Mississippi […]
  • Alabama's debt-driven license suspensions softened by new law A new law in Alabama is helping thousands regain their driving privileges after license suspension for debt-related reasons. Senate Bill 154 allows individuals to miss one court appearance or two payments before facing suspension. Previously, even a single missed payment or court date could result in a […]