Criminal Justice Stories

  • Civic Groups Unite to Fight Against Voter Suppression Tactics in the South Civic groups are taking action against what they call voter suppression tactics in the South. This week Alabama Values, Southern Leadership for Voter Engagement (SOLVE), and Groundwork Project joined forces with other organizations to discuss recent legislation such as Alabama House Bill 209. […]
  • Cannabis Equity: The Importance of Reform and Access to Dispensaries The rise of medical cannabis dispensaries in Georgia is highlighting the need for reform and equitable access. One of the state's first dispensaries opened in April, offering easier access to low THC medical cannabis oils for some patients. Valeria Valdepeña, executive director of the advocacy […]
  • Program 'Incubates' New Lawyers and Rural Montanans The Montana Legal Services Association has started a program to help young attorneys get started on a path to success – becoming community leaders, run socially conscious law firms, and maintain sustainable businesses. The Rural Incubator Program for Lawyers creates a way for new attorneys to start their […]
  • IL Lawmakers Pass Bill to Prevent Unfair Youth Sentencing Illinois could soon be the fourth state to pass a law to prevent unfair youth sentencing. The legislation encourages criminal courts to recognize youth who are convicted for acts of self-defense or as victims of violence. Often, young survivors of sexual assault, sex trafficking or domestic […]
  • Mobile Clinic Aids in Addiction Treatment in Rural ID A mobile clinic is bringing drug treatment to rural Idaho. The organization Ideal Option's first treatment clinic on wheels is in Rexburg. Ideal Option received a grant from the state to create the roving facility. …(Read More)
  • Reaction as NV Gov. Vetoes 3 Gun-Safety Bills: 'Disgust' On Wednesday, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo vetoed a trio of bills that sought to reduce gun violence. Assembly Bill 354 would have cracked down on so-called "ghost gun" sale loopholes and prohibited guns at polling places. …(Read More)
  • NYS Legislature Reviews Medical Aid in Dying Bill New York State's Legislature is reviewing a bill to approve medical aid in dying, which would apply to people suffering from a terminal illness who only have six months to live. It comes with numerous safeguards such as requiring two physicians to approve a person's request. Currently, […]
  • First Criminal Record Expungements After New Law Go to Court Today The first people to make use of a new state law on sealing criminal records are set to go before a judge today. Previously, only people whose conviction did not result in incarceration could petition for expungement. Jay Jordan, CEO of the nonprofit Alliance […]