Criminal Justice Stories

  • Kentucky determined to support its domestic violence shelters amid federal cuts As federal Victims of Crime Act funding continues to impact Kentucky's domestic violence shelters, advocates say they are applauding lawmakers decisions to include $6 million of the state budget's general fund for shelter and program operations, alongside a one-time allocation of $7.1 million to […]
  • Report: Diverting youth away from the justice system is working Efforts to keep young people out of the criminal justice system are working, according to a new Sentencing Project report. Elie Zwiebel, attorney and executive director with the Transformative Justice Project of Colorado, said the vast majority of adolescents in the justice system – disproportionately […]
  • Nassau County exec's plan to deputize armed citizens draws fire Nassau County's executive wants to deputize residents who hold gun permits. County Executive Bruce Blakemen's plan involves training 100 residents for "the protection of human life and property during an emergency." Little else has been made public about the plan but it has been met […]
  • Uncovering America's methamphetamine history Missouri may, at one time, have had a reputation as the "meth-lab capital of the country" – but a five-part podcast uncovers its true history. "Home Cooked: A Fifty-Year History of Meth in America" delves into the relationship of methamphetamine use with broader drug policies and social and cultural ramifications. Reporter […]
  • Measuring long-term impact of Simpson trial on media literacy O.J. Simpson's death has the nation looking back on the infamous murder trial that resulted in his acquittal. Experts say one of the lasting impacts is news coverage and how people consume it. …(Read More)
  • ME women veterans request counselors for military sexual trauma Advocates for women veterans, who've experienced sexual trauma while serving in the military, are asking state lawmakers for much-needed funding. Previous legislation backed the creation of two sexual trauma liaisons at community-based organizations in the state, but funding never came to fruition. Executive Director of the […]
  • Criminal justice package moves ahead in CA state Legislature A package to improve public safety is moving ahead in the California state Legislature – with a floor vote in the State Assembly on the first bill expected this week. Assembly Bill 2215 puts into statute that police officers have the discretion to send people arrested […]
  • Mental health urgent-care facility now available in northeast Boulder Boulder and Broomfield County residents can now access mental health services the same way they can access urgent medical care. Dr. Nadia Haddad, medical director of mental health services with Mental Health Partners, said all too often, people can't get help unless they are already connected […]