Animal Welfare Stories

  • Lawsuit over Endangered Species Act follows outrage at wolf torture photo A lawsuit over a federal agency's decision not to boost wolf protections in New Mexico and other western states has been filed, days after video surfaced showing the torture of a captured wolf. According to accounts, a Wyoming man ran the wolf down with […]
  • Poll: Voters in NM, other Western states consistently support conservation A new poll showed New Mexico voters expressed a deep affection for lands, water and wildlife and want policies offering greater protections. The 14th annual Colorado College "State of the Rockies" survey of 3,400 voters in eight Western states found increasing support for conservation even […]
  • Proposed IN law would bar cities from banning pet-store puppy sales Some Hoosiers want Indiana lawmakers to rethink proposed legislation that would usurp existing local laws that prohibit retailers from selling puppies. Legislators listened to emotional testimony during a 3.5 hour hearing on the proposed law, which was revived from last year's session. Dr. …(Read […]
  • Horses could hold key to treating injury-related arthritis Researchers at Colorado State University are making headway in identifying how osteoarthritis progresses in horses, and their findings could one day also help people who develop the degenerative disease after injuring a knee, elbow or shoulder. Lynn Pezzanite, doctor of veterinary medicine and assistant professor at Colorado […]
  • MI study aims to minimize bird mortality from window strikes Spring brings about migration season for birds, but home and workplace windows can often prevent them from getting to their final destination. Wayne State University has been awarded a grant by The Detroit Zoological Society to conduct research on bird mortality from window strikes. Ava […]
  • IN researchers hope canine cancer study could help humans Pets are often considered beloved family members, and like any loved one, their health is a priority. Research from Purdue University has found a link between a dog's exposure to cigarette smoke and lawn-care products and higher rates of cancer. The team observed the environment and […]
  • Bobcat scat shows promise for containing chronic wasting disease Bobcats and other carnivores can remove over 95% of chronic wasting disease – or CWD – prions from infected meat, according to early findings by Wyoming Game and Fish and researchers at the University of Wyoming. CWD has spread rapidly across the state – putting deer, […]
  • CA farm animal cruelty law takes full effect Pork sold in California will now have to comply with Proposition 12. The law bans some types of extreme confinement of farm animals, specifically gestation crates — which are metal cages, often so small sows cannot turn around. Some provisions of the 2018 law have already gone […]