Animal Welfare Stories

  • WI 'Chicken Toss' Event Renews Animal Exploitation Concerns Later this month, a western Wisconsin town will hold an annual celebration including an event known as a "chicken toss." Animal rights advocates say it is an example of entertainment across the country that comes at the expense of defenseless creatures. A key attraction at Ridgeland's Pioneer […]
  • Regulatory, Tribal Impacts Hang Over ND's Corporate Farming Debate North Dakota's plan to boost animal agriculture has reignited a thorny issue: loosening restrictions on corporate ownership of farms. The state said it's about competition, but there are renewed concerns about environmental setbacks, as well as tribal considerations. A bill in the Legislature would bring some […]
  • NM Lawmakers Weigh Next Step for Wildlife Crossings Reducing the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions is the goal of a bill before the New Mexico Legislature this session. Sen. Mimi Stewart, D-Albuquerque, is a co-sponsor, after steering passage of the New Mexico Wildlife Corridors Act in 2019. …(Read More)
  • UT Pitches In to Help with Wildlife Migration Two state agencies have teamed up to make safer wildlife migration a priority in Utah. The Utah Wildlife Migration Initiative relies heavily on GPS tracking data received from mammals, birds and fish, which gives coordinators a good picture of where animals are spending time, the routes they […]
  • Study: Wolf Packs Suffer Greatly When One Dies by Human Action Wolf packs lose their ability to thrive when one of their members dies as a result of human activity, according to a new study that comes amid calls to ban a bear-hunting practice at a Wisconsin site to protect wildlife. Researchers have said wolves […]
  • 'Bigger Picture' Emerges about Proposed Dundy County CAFO The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy has concluded a 30-day public comment period on its intent to approve a permit for a proposed concentrated animal feeding operation, which would house 150,000 head of cattle, in Dundy County. Jonathan Leo, an environmental and land-use lawyer, said a […]
  • WI Officials Still Investigating Eagle Death As the New Year takes shape, Wisconsin officials say they are still trying to get to the bottom of a recent death involving a bald eagle and are asking the public for help. Last month, the wounded animal was discovered just outside Milwaukee and later died during surgery. The […]
  • Imperiled Global Species Map Shows Texas Ranks High When a scientist with the nonprofit group NatureServe began studying where biodiversity is most at risk in America, she never expected Texas to rank so high. The research by Healy Hamilton – the chief scientist at NatureServe – looks at the risk of global extinction for plants […]