Animal Welfare Stories

  • NM Saw Lasting Consequences from Trump's U.S.-Mexico Border Wall The unprecedented attempt to build a wall along the U.S. Mexico border has had devastating effects on wildlife from which they may not recover, according to a New Mexico wildlife expert. The Trump administration spent an estimated $15 billion constructing more than 400 miles of wall, […]
  • Multi-State Effort Begins to Study Dramatic Tick Increase in New England Scientists in rural New England are working to better monitor and manage tick populations as climate change helps fuel their dramatic increase. Cases of tick-borne illnesses have skyrocketed in the region, while new tick species have expanded their range further north, posing risks to […]
  • Rural Advocacy Groups: Corporate Farming Infringing on MO Family Farms Despite the goal to unite Missourians around a common cause, rural advocacy groups have been pushing the EPA for more regulation from the Clean Water Act on corporate farming. Tim Gibbons, communications director for the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, said the Clean Water Act has […]
  • Winter Feeding Plan Too Slow for Chronic Wasting Disease What began as an emergency measure – to help Wyoming elk herds hit by a series of extremely harsh winters in 1909 – has become a major source of contention over Wyoming Game and Fish's continued, annual practice of feeding elk throughout the winter at 22 […]
  • During Hotter Stretches, Pets Need to Stay Cool, Too Next week, parts of Wisconsin will see the return of near 90-degree temperatures. Animal rights voices say as hot stretches become more common, it is important for pet owners to take short- and long-term precautions to keep their four-legged companions safe. The Environmental Protection Agency said […]
  • Honey Bee Colonies Remain “Relatively Stable” Despite Multiple Threats Parasites and extreme weather led to the loss of nearly half of America's managed honey bee colonies over the past year, according to a new survey. However, researchers' preliminary findings reveal that despite colonies experiencing the second-highest death rate on record, the overall population remains "relatively […]
  • Indiana Shelter Stresses Animal Kindness Hoosiers are enjoying the arrival of summer, but it is not the only important event on the calendar this week. For more than 30 years, the third week of June has been set aside as Animal Rights Awareness Week. It is an ideal time to talk to friends and family […]
  • WI Cities Face Pressure to Stop Euthanizing Geese If you've been to a Wisconsin park recently, chances are you have noticed lots of geese. Their populations have trended upward, and animal rights advocates urge municipalities to take euthanasia off their list of mitigation strategies. Mid-June is considered a key time for cities to carry out […]