Youth and Children’s Stories

  • Report: Early College Gives MA High School Students Head Start on Degrees A new report found when high school students enroll in early college programs, it improves the chances they will go on to college after graduation. The Massachusetts Early College Initiative links high school students, especially those who are low-income, with community college courses, […]
  • Nebraska Struggles to Get Students Back into College The COVID public health emergency forced many Nebraska students to put their college careers on hold. More than 300,000 Nebraskans have completed some college, but don't have credentials, according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Mike Baumgartner, executive director of the Nebraska Coordinating […]
  • Money Tips for Young Montanans Who've Become Financially Independent Many recent Montana high school graduates are setting off on their own, meaning it's likely their first time being financially independent. A few tips could help them better manage their money. Ally Haegele is the programs manager with Montana's Credit Unions for Community Development. …(Read More)
  • Student Peace Advisory Group Takes Flight in MN Students may be settled into their summer break – but in Minnesota, some remain focused on setting a peaceful tone ahead of their return to school this fall. Those involved with an emerging Minneapolis program hope it becomes a model elsewhere. Through a Centers for Disease Control […]
  • Nevada Group Helps Abortion Seekers Travel to State Nevada may become a magnet for abortion seekers from around the country, since the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, allowing states to ban the procedure. Voters enshrined the right to an abortion in Nevada state law in 1990, so it is legal up to 24 […]
  • New Data Debunks Narrative of Youth Crime Wave A new report from The Sentencing Project debunks the myth of a post-pandemic crime wave fueled by young people. In March, Congress held a hearing about a spike in carjackings in big cities, but the data actually show a drop in overall robberies by youths in 2020, […]
  • Regional Survey: Barriers Restrict Labor Mobility The so-called "great resignation" isn't playing out for all workers. A new survey covering North Dakota and Minnesota shows people on the lower end of the income scale face obstacles in jumping to other job opportunities. The Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, along with Community Action agencies in both states, […]
  • Vocational-Tech High Schools Could Help Lower TN Dropout Rate Tennessee high school graduation rates have been declining over the past few years, and some experts believe providing more opportunities for vocational and tech training could help reverse the trend. State data show around half of high school seniors are choosing not to attend college or […]