Our Work

MPI’s work enhances public debate and promotes civic journalism by amplifying the grassroots non-profit voices through mainstream media that often are excluded from the public dialogue. We develop efficient and effective strategies to help journalists and public interest non-profits strengthen voices of social, economic and environmental justice, leading to positive policy outcomes and stronger, more influential progressive leaders.  Working with nationally renowned communications professionals and journalists, we strengthen and amplify social change movements by partnering with a national, independent news service, Public News Service, reaching a monthly audience of over 50 million.

Strategic Partnership

Public News Service (PNS)

Through our partnership with Public News Service (PNS), an AP-style news service, we are able to support non-profit organizations, NGO’s and Foundations by producing public interest news stories, such as on environmental, economic, health and social justice subjects, related to an organizations’ area of focus. Stories are targeted to national, regional or state level media depending on the situation.

The stories are distributed in ready-to-use radio and print formats reaching:

  • 8,000 news outlets across the country and,
  • an estimated potential weekly audience of 40 million.

Our affiliate partnership with Public News Service allows us to:

  • get organizations’ and foundations’ messages out to the public via media channels where we are trusted as a non-partisan source of important issues of the day
  • Enhance citizen awareness and engagement and
  • Demonstrate the ability to impact the direction of public policy dialogue

Strategic Communications Trainings

We provide customized media skills and communications trainings to our partner organizations, journalists, advocates and others. These trainings teach skills to improve education efforts, provide new tools to gain media attention and educate the public.

This eye-opening workshop provides an integrative approach to conflict resolution that not only uncovers your own communication blind spots with the DISC personality profile but also gives you the communication tools you need to transform adversaries into allies and create tight, powerful messaging that will quickly effectively communicate the essence of your organization’s cause. More Information

Next Step Video! Is an video training workshop that trains citizen journalists to shoot, edit and upload videos the media as well as use video for their own purposes in new ways – to share with social media, stakeholder visits, rallies, events, etc. It is taught by professional videographers with Media Diversion as a one-day seminar. To date, 12 organizations in North Carolina have participated and have produced over 20 videos to promote their groups’ important issues. More Information

We have also incubated several other media projects and built alliances with strategic partners and the grassroots movement, and used shared “core” messaging to move the American public and policy debate back to foundational democratic principals.

Below are other ways MPI has helped organizations increase the amount and quality of their media interaction.

  • Provided a media literacy/core message training for 90 activists in New Mexico
  • Piloted Spanish radio reporting in collaboration with PNS
  • Initiated collaboration with Mainstream Media Project* and PNS to identify, train and book key Spanish-speaking spokespeople with Spanish talk shows. The result was 88 experts identified and 45 interviews booked across the nation.

*Mainstream Media Project was a non-profit public education organization for 17 years that arranged interviews for top policy analysts and social innovators on broadcast media nationwide and internationally.