Media in the Public Interest (MPI) provides news coverage that helps: educate the people in the United States about critical issues that affect their daily lives; ensure multi-platform news content for hard-pressed media outlets; and strengthen and amplify the nonprofit public interest sector’s capacity to interact most effectively with journalists, and the changing media landscape overall.


Our vision is a more just, sustainable and equitable future achieved through a paradigm shift in cultural norms leading to policy changes.


Our goal is to play a meaningful role in leading our country to that future by partnering with non-profits and others to improve and increase the quality of public interest media. We implement a three-fold strategy to:

  • Incubate and sustain innovative media projects that report on social, economic and environmental issues
  • Assist journalists in covering the non-profit community
  • Support the non-profit sector to interact more effectively with mass media to inform the public and further a broad range of social goals